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The New 401K Option

We all need some new 401k options! In my last blog “Compassionate Capitalism” I highlighted how employers are increasingly being held accountable for the success or failure of their employee’s 401k retirement results. If the employee losses 30% in a stock market...

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Compassionate Capitalism?

If you take stock in all the recent propaganda around “Greed”, you would be led to believe that the words “Greed” and “Capitalism” are interchangeable synonyms. But as a business owner and an educated man who knows that capitalism is the only economic engine to pass...

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Cows Get Slaughtered

“Cows get slaughtered… Don’t be a cow” In one of my previous blog post “The #1 Secret to Retirement Saving Success”, I declared the novel idea that you should not confuse Securities based, Stock Market Investments (Risky) with Retirement Savings (Safety). In short, if...

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Another “Good News Gone Bad”

Another “Good News” Gone Bad So how can an article entitled “Federal government posts smallest deficit since 2007” be bad news? While it is true that a smaller federal deficit really is a step in the right direction, like many Americans, I have become desensitized to...

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Your Financial Death by Inflation?

Inflation can be caused by three situations. #1) “Demand & Supply” Imbalances #2) “Cost Push” by suppliers passing along increased costs such as new government regulations to the consumers, and #3) is called “Money Supply Expansion” where governments print more...

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